UPDATE: as of  October 11, 2018 UFT has signed a new contract
7.5% over 3 yrs. Its term will be 2/14/19 -9/13/22

Good News for NJ residents collecting a NYC pension 
NJ has increased the exemption for pension income. If your gross income is less than $100,000 a yr you can exempt $60,000 of pension income in 2018, $80,000 in 2019 and $100,000 in 2020. must be at least age 62 to take the exemption. 
Some notes about the CSA contractual raises & retro:

                     2% raise to be paid on Sept. 6 payroll
                     4% raise to be paid on Oct. 6 payroll

1) Current employees, retirees & future retirees will get their retroactive monies in the future according to the payout schedule listed in the current contract:
                  February 2019's payment will reflect 25% of the balance that is owed to you
2) There is a link on my "Contact Page" for the new pay schedules, raises & back pay estimates                              
I am a participating pension consultant with the CSA and I have been trained by TRS for all Pension Tiers. I have been providing pension evaluations to teachers, administrators and managers in the DOE since 2001.
I have worked with the CSA holding meetings and workshops at conferences and work sites explaining the NYC/TRS/DOE pension system.
I will review your salary and supplemental  funds insuring the correct contributions are being made for you so you will get
a maximum pension from TRS.
I am a fiduciary. I sell nothing. I help you navigate the NYC retirement process.
What we will do:
We will discuss the appropriate time for you to retire  to maximize your pension.
We will review Performance Bonuses, School Size Bonuses and Per-session and their effect on the calculation of your final average salary and it's effect on your pension.
We will review your TDA & Deferred Compensation investment choices to maximize their potential growth.
You will be shown the difference between your salary and your FAS, final average salary, and how it can increase your pension. This will include the 55/25 retirement plan if necessary.
We will evaluate working after retirement,  the rules of post retirement employment and its possible effect on your pension.,
My Promise:
I am committed to building a relationship with you based on honesty, service and  accurate results. I use the best research and information available to me so I can provide you with an outstanding pension evaluation.
This means my advice to you is completely confidential and based on what's best for you, Period. I know that is the only arrangement that's fair to you.
If it is time for your pension consultation, e-mail me and I'll be happy to help.
I specialize in the following:
NYC Agencies
  • DOE Department of Ed:
              Pedagogical Managers, Supts., Deputy Supts., Directors
  • CSA: Principals, APs, Supervisors, EA's, Social Workers
  • UFT: Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Secretaries
  • Maximizing TRS Retirement
  • Performance bonuses, School size bonuses, Principal in Charge & Per Session,
  • TDA & 457 plan investment choices
  • Beneficiaries  protect your pension
  • Protecting your pension
  • Continuing health coverage
  • Pension Options
  • QPP, TDA, Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Evaluation of ASF & ITHP  or ASF & MCAF accounts
  • Review of Passport Funds
  • Excess funds and rollovers
  • Available health plans
  • Retiree Welfare Fund benefits, CSA,UFT
  • Management Benefit Fund
  • Final Entitlement
  • Terminal leave/pay
  • All forms required for retirement
  • Retro lump sum payment calculations
 At LandauConsultant@AOL.Com, I would be delighted to help you achieve your retirement financial goals .
Please e mail me for a consultation appointment!

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